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Jjong’s confession(?) on Blue Night

"I often get asked why me and Taemin’s room is so organized. I’m here to say that it’s all thanks to me. He never picks up after himself. You’re welcome, Taemin-ah."

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Freshman Year


Senior Year


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Taemin: I personally think that it’s boring to be handsome like Minho.

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taemin would betray all the members in the hunger games

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Favourite photoshoots of Jonghyun; requested by jonghyunkun.

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Doctor Choi {2min} → English · Spanish

A cold and silent hospital. Turquoise walls, white seats and the typical clean perfume that smells in the hallways of any clinic. A young man sitting with his head down, with trembling legs. It was his first time in an appointment of this kind. He had received comments of funny or traumatic experiences. He feared the worst. Never a stranger touched him the way the doctor would.

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